Chinese New Year break @ALLNET China

By Norbert Back 2 comments

The last year passed really fast and we are again ready for the Chinese New Year break. We are looking forward to a happy time with our loved ones and a short break from the daily routines.

It has been a very busy year and we are lucky that you like our products and services.

We thank you for your trust and the business you generated with us over the last year!

Because of the holiday break, economy shipments will be suspended from the 7th of February. DHL shipments are possible until the 10th of February. All shipment services will resume on the 19th of February.

We are looking forward to an exciting new year with loads of new products and services.

Many products are almost ready to be released - you will be not disappointed!

All the best to you all for the year of the bull!

- Your ALLNET China team -


  • Norbert

    @Romain – thanks for your message! We did not provide any shipment date because we simply do not have it yet. The only thing we can offer is to register for our mailing list on the front page of our store. Once we have a clear delivery time we will send you a notice via mail!

  • Romain

    I ve got one question i ve ordered your quad sata pi4 nas on aliexpress with a dealer who says it will be shipped in march, did you planed to do another bath of theses.Hope the dealer is right .
    Thanks for your confirmation.

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