May 1st Labor day holiday

By Norbert Back 3 comments

Please be noticed, that due to national labor day holiday our office is closed from Sunday 1st to Wednesday 4th of May.

We will not be able to do shipments during this time and will resume work on Thursday.

Thank you for your understanding.



  • Celina

    @ALL – We are back from the labor day break, processing all your backorders now!

    Thanks for your patience

  • Norbert

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Concerning your question, please turn to the QuinLED discord channel and ping @quindor with your request.

    We wish you a happy labor holiday!

  • Matt

    Hello! I love the QuinLED Dig Quad. I want to make a similar product with a few changes. I’ll provide the PCB design. Can you make that? Thank you.

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