Home office supplies by AllnetChina - coming soon!

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There is an increased demand of products for home-offices and private communication.

For this specific groups we selected various products we think will perfectly fit.

Many of the presented products can compliment Rock Pi X in a home office environment. Rock Pi X might not be the perfect graphics workstation but it perfectly fits web based applications. It is also great for e.g. Teams or if you need video sessions. (our cameras and head sets have been tested in Teams, Zoom and other audio/video based communication apps)

To make perfect use of the USB3 port of your Rock Pi X we recommend the 4 port USB hub for desk mount. You can mount it also on to your monitor or other flat areas to enjoy convenient access to the additional 4 USB3 ports.

Active noise cancellation head sets have proven to be the best solution for home offices. Our products keep the surrounding noise on a minimum level and avoid distraction during your business activities at home.

This focus group will be launched soon!

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