Rock Pi M.2 Wireless Modules

ROCK Pi Wireless Modules are a series of wifi/bluetooth modules which are designed for ROCK Pi SBC´s.

The ROCK Pi M.2 Wireless Modules where designed to meet the user´s various requirements, to save cost and SKU´s. They are custom M.2 wireless modules defined by Radxa.

The ROCK Pi M.2 Wireless Module bases on a modified version of the M.2 wireless standard from PCI Express M.2 Specification by PCI-SIG.


  • Supports wifi/bt or other future wireless protocols
  • Supports up to four independent external antenna´s
  • Supports SDIO 3.0/USB 3.0/PCIe type wireless chip
  • Supports EEPROM to store module ID and device tree blob

These modules are only supported by Rock Pi N10 variants at the moment.
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