PENTA SATA KIT for ROCK PI 4 Model C (with order reward)

PENTA SATA KIT for ROCK PI 4 Model C (with order reward)
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PENTA SATA KIT for Rock Pi 4 Model C

Easily build your own PCIe based NAS / Media-server with a Rock Pi 4 C

PENTA SATA KIT for Rock Pi 4 Model C

Easily build your own PCIe based NAS / Media-server with a Rock Pi 4 C

See how to assemble the Kit here:

*order reward (free 60W DC power supply)!


  • mount up to 4x 2.5" HDD or SSD (max height 9.5mm) + 1x ext HDD or SSD
  • esatap connector for external SSD/HDD
  • Software RAID 0/1/5
  • HDD/SSD status LED online/activity/fault
  • Utilizes PCIe gen2 4 lanes interface on Rock Pi 4
  • DC power input for Rock Pi 4, 4x 2.5inch sata drives and 1x esatap 2.5 or 3.5" HDD/SSD
  • HDD suspend mode supported
  • UASP support
  • Internal capacity up to 32TB (e.g. 4x 8TB SSD)
  • PWM controlled fan for HDD heat dispatching
  • OLED display for IP Address/Storage info (customizable)
  • does only work with Rock Pi 4 Model C
  • huge heat-sink for Rock Pi 4 included (30% bigger)
  • easy to set up and run
  • Size (L/W/H) 94 x 70 x 175 mm

Product Content

  • PENTA SATA HAT board
  • SATA HAT Top board, management board including OLED status display and active cooling
  • HAT connector cable
  • ecoPI Penta Sata case (aluminum)
  • High performance ribbon data cable and connector
  • heat sink for Rock Pi 4

What is so special?

  • smaller than a bottle of Coke
  • fits into the smallest book shelf
  • PCIe gen2 based SATA interface
  • PWM controlled fan
  • high internal capacity up to 32TB (e.g. 4x 8TB SSD)
  • economically as a surveillance system
  • fast as media server / cloud server
  • backup server for your home
  • OLED display for status information
  • Backup your NAS with e.g. an external 3.5" esatap powered drive of your choice!
  • nice lean design


You need to use a 12V (>=5A) >=60W DC Power supply to run this NAS!

Does only work with Rock Pi 4 Model C!

eMMC is needed to boot the device (because of stability and limited space)

Just add your Rock Pi 4C and eMMC to this kit and your blasting NAS is complete! 

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