ALLNET and RADXA sign global marketing and sales cooperation

ALLNET and RADXA sign global cooperation agreement for the sales and marketing of RADXA´s Rockchip based SBC ROCK PI4

ALLNET and RADXA proudly announce today the global cooperation on marketing and sales of RADXA´s outstanding hardware and at the same time introducing the brand new RADXA ROCK PI4.

ALLNET has a successful track record of introducing new products and vendors into various market segments and regions. A team of marketing, hardware and software specialists with the necessary skillsets combined with the excitement for new technology are the foundation of the successful collaboration with resellers, makers or developers and are our strong backup for your project implementation.

A 27 years long and successful history in distribution, covering many countries worldwide combined with an excellent understanding of the local markets and a passion for what we do makes us the perfect partner.

RADXA was founded by Tom Cubie (well known from the famous Cubie Boards) and his dynamic team of developers and friends to bring Rockchip based products to the marketplace. RADXA does this since the introduction of the RK3188 in 2013, followed by the RK3288 based SOM up to the just released ROCK Pi4.

ROCK PI4 is a RK3399 based SBC with the form factor and interfaces made compatible to the very popular Raspberry PI3+. ROCK PI4 is enhancing the already well accepted feature set of the Raspberry PI with not only using the most powerful SBC chip in the market but also adding performance focused features like LPDDR4 RAM, eMMC5.1 and an M.2 Interface with 4lanes PCIE, gigabit Ethernet, Wifi and Bluetooth 5.0.

Providing an option for PoE allows the ROCK PI4 to be used in projects where no additional power supplies can be used. All these and many more features combined with an outstanding hardware design and software support are the foundation for a long term success of ROCK PI4.

RADXA is known for their innovative and open team which will continue to introduce many additional boards, modules and accessories which will keep the attraction and flexibility of ROCK PI in the time to come.

For the time being there are 6 different models of ROCK PI4 and various accessories introduced.


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