The brand new QuinLED product family!

Many of you noticed that there was no inventory of QuinLED products over the last weeks.

The reason for that is a complete refresh and upgrade of the previous product range.

We are happy to announce, that this process now has finished and all trial runs both for product stability and production have passed successfully.

The result is a complete upgrade and expansion of the traditional product range with loads of improvements and as well new products.


Another exciting news is the fact that QuinLED controllers are now natively supported by WLED from version 0.12.0 on.

QuinLED ESP32 modules bring a new level of performance and security to your LED controllers. With limiting to "D and E" releases of the ESP32 chips the modules take advantage of the latest performance and security implementations available in the market.

New and very special is the availability of the Ethernet feature which makes it easy to integrate the ESP32 powered hardware into your wired networks.

With our "legacy" modules we also enable the previous series of Dig-UNO and Dig-QUAD controllers to most of the brand new features available.

We are in the process of mass production right now - all products are already in the assembly lines. We implemented as well a more detailed testing procedure for all products to further reduce the failure rate.

All in all a firework of great news and based on the feedback we get - a well received one as well!

Stay tuned, the ALLNET China team is committed and working hard to make the new family of QuinLED products available for you as soon as possible!


May 25, 2021

We are happy to inform you that all pre-orders have been shipped out. We are now able to supply out of stock.

Thank you again for your patience and orders!

May 21, 2021

Just a brief update – we started shipping 3 days ago. Thankfully now working off your pre-orders!
We hope to be back on track somewhere in the middle of next week.

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