Chinese New Year Break 2020 - UPDATE -
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Chinese New Year Break 2020 - UPDATE -


Because of the Wuhan Corona Virus outbreak and the related measures taken, our company will officially resume work on the 10th of February.

We nevertheless can resume shipments as promised on the 3rd of February.

Please note - only economy shipments can be processed. If you did order shipments via DHL we can only process them after the 10th of February.

Shipment dates for newly released products or products out of stock can only be updated after our suppliers resume work. (after the 10th of February)

If you have any questions please drop us a mail !

Thanks for your understanding!

- YOUR ALLNET China Team -


Dear Friends,

it was a struggle until the last minute, but now all possible shipments have been done and we are finally on the way to our families and homes.

It was a crazy year, full of exciting new products and activities. It was a big pleasure to serve you and interact with you. We thank you for the positive feedback and friendly mails. We learn and improve from your critics. This all encourages us to continue and improve on what we do.

In the last year we did introduce a lot of new products, some of them have been released - some have not. But they are nevertheless on our list and will be released in the first half of this new year!

After all - we strive to outperform our customers expectations and this sometimes takes more efforts than anticipated and of course more time to make it happen.

We are sorry for the mistakes made, we will learn from them and make it better this year.

We will send out your placed orders as soon as the shipment services in China have resumed work.

We will update the expected delivery times and offer pre-order for the SATA HAT NAS products again within the next few days.

In any way - we are happy to be with our families now for a few days and will be back on duty with you (our extended family) very soon!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

- Your ALLNET China Team -


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Feb 10, 2020
Liu Tianyao

When will preorder start?

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