ecoPI wood housings for your ROCK PI 4 RELEASED and ready for pre-order

ecoPI wood housings for your ROCK PI 4 RELEASED and ready for pre-order

One of the important issues which have to be addressed related to ROCK PI 4 is the lack of cases.

After the review @Explaining Computers on youtube quite some people complained about using too much plastic in our product packaging.

Our approach to this problem is the introduction of new materials e.g. for casings of ROCK PI 4, we will as well review on how to reduce the use of plastics when packaging the products

The first result is a precision laser cut wood housing which perfectly protects your board and at the same time looks pretty neat! The material used is recycled wood which also has the FSC certificate.

Since many of you already bought the big heat-sink with your boards, it made also sense to integrate it into the new case.

Using the case should still allow you to fully utilize I/O connectors, GPIO and all other features of the board.

We tried to find a solution which could fulfill all these requirements and at the same time looks acceptable and protects your board. (GPIO, MIPI and CAM openings will be available in the final version)

We as well will add a longer ribbon cable to enable the use of the microSD card together with the M.2 Extension cable.

The first version looks like this:

The complete product description you can find here! ecoPI A

We value your opinion on our social media platforms. (links in the footer of our blog)

The product is going to be released within the next few days.

25.3. UPDATE: We will change the dimensions of the housing to completely pack up all accessories.

25.3. UPDATE II We added a new type of housing, still not finished the higher version for all accessories. check out this type: ecoPI B

 28.3. UPDATE III We just released ecoPI B! There are only very limited quantities available for the moment.

A separate small M.2 housing will be provided as an upgrade! It will perfectly integrate with the existing two cases. We will introduce it very soon.

We did finalize the name of the two housings.

ecoPI A -> Easycase 0815 (limited stock and pre-ordered)

ecoPI B -> Easycase Developer (limited stock and pre-order enabled)

Shipment will be latest within 10 days!

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Mar 24, 2019

It makes no sense to me to have a case with some parts still outside/external and so unprotected (eg. the SSD board and cable). Everything should be inside!

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