M.2 extension board assembly with big heatsink

There was an issue in the past when assembling the M.2 extension board in combination with the big heat-sink.

This issue was resolved by adding modified copper bolts with longer threads.

Please check the following pictures for the correct assembly.

Content of "big heat-sink" and "M.2 extension board"
Needed parts for the assembly
Where to use which copper bolts
Insert Mini pcb into the M.2 slot and screw in the copper bolt with the long thread for fixation
Insert and lock the FPC cable into the mini PCB
Connect the M.2 Extension board
Mount the ROCK PI on the heat-sink
Put the M.2 Extension board on top of the ROCK PI and fix it with the black screws coming with the heat-sink.
DONE!! ;-)

If you are facing this issue and did order M.2 extension boards in our store before we will send you the new bolts free of charge.

Please drop us a message at shop_cn@allnetchina.cn

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Mar 24, 2019

This mounting that blocks the GPIO pins so HATs cannot be used is a big flaw I think. It should be mounted on the other side of the SBC… So either on top of the heat sink or the heat sink is modified to accept a small interface/socket board and perhaps be recessed so that the SSD can fit inside the heat sink. The heat sink can then serve as both physical protection of the SSD and perhaps also thermal protection. If this causes the CPU to heat up the SSD then the SSD can be isolated (not in contact) with the heat sink metal.

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