M.2 extension board assembly with big heat-sink IMPORTANT UPDATE

We did explain in a previous post about how to assemble the ROCK PI 4 together with the big heat-sink and M.2 extension board.

We did start to add spacer rings to the M.2 extension set from today, after finding out that some boards have been bent too much when assembling them to the heat sink.

Below you find some pictures on how to assemble and prevent the board from bending and probably getting damaged:

The spacers are now part of the packaging of the M.2 Extension board

Added spacers to the M.2 Extension set

Turn the board upside down and insert the M.2 Adapter board

Mount small interface to the M.2 Slot

Put the spacers on top

Place the heat-sink on top and carefully turn the copper bolts until there is a connection to the heatsink - do not fix the bolts yet

Turn the board carefully around and add the other two copper bolts and turn all of them until there is a solid connection between the board and the heat sink

Have a look and make sure the ROCK PI is not bent and positioned parallel to the heat sink.


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