ROCK Pi SATA HAT Targets ROCK Pi 4 & Raspberry Pi 4 NAS

By Celina Xu 3 comments

We are happy to announce the release of the ROCK PI SATA HAT series of products. Raspberry Pi 4 and Rock Pi 4 are powerful SBC´s which can be used to run a software NAS. To make full use of their abilities a set of SATA HAT´s was developed which allows a fully functional NAS with Raid 0/1/5 on the very small space on top of the SBC´s.

Raspberry Pi 4 utilizes 2x USB3.0 lines to link with the sata controller board. Rock Pi 4 of course also works with this solution because of the similar form-factor.

ROCK PI SATA HATS where announced via the article on CNX-Software, below the link. (and yes, the top cover in the shipped case has openings for heat management :-))

Rock Pi 4 by design has a M.2 PCIe interface which is utilized for a Rock Pi 4 specific solution. It even enables the control of up to 5 HDD/SSD´s with a capacity of up to 100TB. One port is designed as eSATAp which can also power a 3.5inch HD without an additional power cable. The Penta SATA HAT can achieve up to 803 MB/s with 5 SSD’s attached in RAID0.



    When will they be availible again?

  • Eden

    When will they be availible again?

  • Richard

    When will they be availible again?

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