Rock Pi X delivery status update

By Norbert Back 3 comments

We are happy to inform you about a new delivery of Rock Pi X.


The first delivery we received was Rock Pi X 4GB RAM /32GB eMMC.

What we did receive tonight though was the first batch of 4GB RAM /64GB eMMC which we will be able to ship from tomorrow on!

Check in from time to time - all versions should be available soon!



  • Norbert

    @KENDRA we expect the boards to be completely available at the end of the month. Concerning the Rock Pi X case – we expect the cases to be available before the 10th of November. We had to implement some thermal improvements which caused a few days delay of the mass production order.

    After all it will be a stunning case for your Rock Pi X!

  • Kendra

    When will the 4gb 128gb version come in? I jave pre ordered that and the premium case. Hoping it will come in soon

  • t0m

    Thank you for the update. I will check this page daily from now on :-)

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