Global shipment information update based on regions - important!
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Global shipment information update based on regions - important!

We where just informed by our shipment agents that the following regions do face delays on shipments with e-packet transport.

The specific countries are as follows:

I. Directions to Chicago and New York: affected by snowstorms, flights to the northeast of the United States have been affected, and the local ports are slow to receive

2. Direction of San Francisco: the local mail volume increases and the processing and receiving time increases

3. Direction of Brazil: insufficient air transportation capacity, abnormal local mail reception and slow delivery

4. Direction of Israel: receiving the notice from the airline, the local mail delivery was slow, and due to the impact of the security situation, the mail timeliness was delayed

5. Direction of France: affected by the comprehensive strike of the labor union, French government service units including postal service are all affected, and the time limit is expected to be seriously affected

6. Directions of Portugal, Italy and Poland: increased local mail volume and longer processing time

The above process and channel confirm that all E-package channels are affected by this.


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