The New ROCK 3 Model A co-developed by RADXA and Rockchip !
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The New ROCK 3 Model A co-developed by RADXA and Rockchip !

ROCK 3A is basically a little brother of ROCK Pi 4, with some improvements from the experience on ROCK Pi 4.

The main features:

RK3568 based, Quad A55 up to 2GHz, Mali G52 GPU, 0.8T NPU

pluggable eMMC module

2/4/8GB LPDDR4 3200MT/s
dram controller frequency up to 1560MHz

QC/PD power support, with a new generation QC/PD protocol IC

2x USB2 similar to ROCK Pi 4
2x USB3 (1x OTG+1x HOST)
the two USB3 can be configured in SATA mode with a SATA breakout cable

GbE with PoE support

M.2 M key for NVMe with PCIe 3.0 x2 lanes

M.2 E key for connectivity with PCIe 2.0 x1/SDIO/UART, supports WiFi 6 cards

1x MIPI DSI, 1x MIPI CSI, compatible with ROCK Pi 4

40Pin GPIO mostly compatible with ROCK Pi 4

    ROCK 3A will run Debian 10, maintained by the Rockchip Toybrick team. Other community distributions will also be supported.



    Feb 07, 2022

    I purchased one of these, and I must admit the specs are what led me to do that. However I am quite disappointed in the availablity of support, or for OS’s available. Yes the Radxa wiki shows 2 “official” OS’s available, I found that neither work completly as they should. I am by no means an expert on Linux, or it’s distro’s so and given the negitive undertones toward noobs on the forums it’s very hard to gleen information. So the end result for me and others like me is that you have a brand new board; it doesn’t appear to function as the manufacturer implies; the available software is buggy; so you really don’t know if there are any defects in the hardware you pay for. Don’t get me wrong, I realize the folks working on these OS’s are volunteers. and are given little for their efforts. It does irritate me though that the manufacturers of these boards, and others like them, imply in their sales pitches that the boards run this or that or many operating systems, when hardly one may (almost) work. Couple that to the lack of documentation creates a great deal of frustration. All IMHO of course.

    Sep 04, 2021
    J tremblant

    @W.K. Yes, a TwisterOS version for Rock 3A has been scheduled.

    Aug 20, 2021

    @W.K. yes Twister OS will be supported

    Aug 06, 2021

    will Twister OS be supported?

    Aug 06, 2021

    will twister OS be supported ?

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