What happens while you wait .. improvements on mechanics
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What happens while you wait .. improvements on mechanics

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Status update

The tensions over here are growing because we are really pushing hard to get the shipments out.

One batch of casings has arrived, but at the moment electronics lag behind.

Just to give you an idea on how dramatically schedules have changed during the corona outbreak.

Before the usual PCB board manufacturing time was between 10 to 14 days (depending of the size and quantity ofc). At the moment the delivery time changed to 25 working days which is hard to get used to.

Mostly it is related to missing labor, which gradually is improving now.

We think and hope that by the end of March the outbreak in China will be under control and measures taken should ease. We do not really know what will happen, but for sure after March a large amount of people will be able to return.

What happens while you wait....

Quite some of you have been watching the Youtube review from Novaspirit about the Quad Sata Kit.

We did read your comments there and used the time to do some improvements. Because the case is very compact, the airflow is an important factor to keep the temperature under control.

To improve, we are adding openings to the bottom plate which increases the air flow and also has a positive impact on the noise level.

We returned all the base plates of this batch to the factory. They are expected to return them within the next two days which means all of the shipments will already have the improvements done.

Since a few of the copper bolts broke when we shipped the first batch, we decided to pre-assemble them on the base plate to avoid this to happen. We also did re-tap the threads after the painting process to make assembly easier.

We as well will update product pictures of the Quad Sata NAS kit, because some of you asked for more details. You should find them next to the product description soon.

Stay tuned!




Oct 20, 2020
Christopher Collins

@ROLAND, not that I’ve been able to find. Not even 3TB is available in less than 15mm. 4TB is also 15mm.

I think they are going to need to do a major redesign on the kit to increase the size between the sata connectors to 16.5mm, but I await the newer kit!


Oct 20, 2020
Christopher Collins

Got my system and started putting it together.

Following the instructions was simple enough, but there is a problem with the kit.

The space between the drive holes on the metal plate and the board means you are limited to 12.5mm drives.

I was looking at 4 * 3TB or 4 * 4TB, but as these are both 15mm drives, they will not fit.

Not only would supporting the larger drives means new metal plates, it would also mean a new electronics board, which I’m thinking would be a major expanse.

However, when you design an updated system with a 16.5mm gap between the drives, please put me on the list for another kit.

It’s a NAS, it’s supposed to have big drives in it.

Otherwise, it’s an amazing piece of kit!



Oct 12, 2020
Norbert Bäck

@Ben – thanks for your positive feedback! Unfortunately it is not possible to boot from any of the drives mounted on the SATA HAT.

Oct 12, 2020
Norbert Bäck

@Daniel – yes the 8GB version works well!

Oct 10, 2020

Hi There, I got my kit since few months already, really nice and strong. I found the small wiki that describe how to update and give few details, but I’m still looking if it is possible to boot from a drive connected on the hat..

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