International shipment delays for all shipment options

Over the last two weeks, the overall logistic performance has again degraded. It impacts almost all global regions and carriers and is caused by an increased demand and significantly limited air cargo capacity.

For the following services further delays have to be expected:

Economy - because local and destination postal services are involved, delays are adding up on both sides. Because of the containment measures taken, this became a real challenge. Postal and customs services in many countries are over their capacity limits causing processing and delivery delays. 

Economy express - this option is working better because it passes domestic postal services and ships via air cargo into the destination country. There the parcels are handed over to the destination postal services for delivery to the buyer. There are of course also delays but limited.

DHL - Their services do work mostly good, but as well face delays. This is caused by the fact that their services are also maxed out and local and destination customs and delivery services can not meet the demand.

In general we can see, that stated standard shipment times are sometimes delayed by 2-4 weeks. We hope for your understanding and are daily monitoring the developments.

We also continuously search for alternative solutions and logistic partners to still provide a mostly stable delivery experience.

We do everything we can, but have only limited possibility to outperform the global logistic situation.

We thank you for your understanding and patience!