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QuinLED Dig-Octa Power-7
QuinLED Dig-Octa Power-7
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QuinLED Dig-Octa Power-7

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Product information

The Dig-Octa Power-7 power board distributes stable power via a high number of 32 screw terminals. 

The 7.62mm screw terminals are split in 2 banks each for positive and negative power.  They are divided over 3 sides of the board.

Product Specifications:

  • 3x 9.5mm “barrier block” input terminals for both positive and negative
  • Board recommended max 50Amp continuous load total
  • 16x 7.62mm output screw terminals
  • 5v-24v capable
  • “Broken Fuse” light per output
  • Onboard capacitors
  • Onboard Voltage display
  • 4x M3 mounting holes

Special Features:

  • Equipped with QPowerPost* (power distribution without wires)
  • Additional 1x 5.08mm pluggable terminal (VCC and GND out)
  • Double up feature**


*) what is QPowerPost?

QPowerPost is a smart and unique solution to supply power via power posts to the brainboard in a stack. All power boards in the Dig-Octa line of products provide this feature.

It allows a flexible and quick installation of the complete stack and works without additional wiring.

**) what is Double up feature?

If more power (up to 20Amps) or a thicker cable is required, using a SV5.5-5 fork crimp 2 positive and 2 negative output terminals can be combined allowing up 10AWG/5.2mm2 cable to be connected over 2 output ports

 ***) in depth product details you find (pls follow the link)