High Density WS2812c-2020 LED strip

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Length: 1m

High Density WS2812c-2020 LED strip

LED-2812C-2020-1 1m
LED-2812C-2020-2 2m
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Product information

Custom made high-density LED strip with great power efficiency - 198LEDs/m

Shines brightly while only using very little power compared to normal ws2812b-5050 LED strips. Because of the high density, effects look more fluid and vivid!

Perfect to use with a QuinLED-Dig-Uno running WLED!


Product specifications:

- WS2812c-2020 LED chip
- 5v
- Low Power/Efficient
- Official specs 15mA per LED official total usage
- Real world usage around 10mA per channel max
- For 2 meters
- Single color (Red, Green or Blue) ~3,5Amps
- RGB White ~9Amps
- 2kHz PWM frequency (works ok on camera)
- Compatible with ws28xx protocol (WLED, etc.)
- 8mm wide strip
- 198 LEDs/m
- IP30 (not weather sealed)
- Cuttable to length per LED (Solder pads on the back)