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Penta SATA HAT for Rock 4
Penta SATA HAT for Rock 4

Penta Sata HAT for Rock 4

DC12V 5A (60W) wall plug Power Supply
black with 90° DC connector - US type

Penta SATA HAT for Rock 4

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Variants: Penta Sata HAT for Rock 4

Penta SATA HAT for Rock 4

Penta SATA HAT for Rock 4
RA006 Penta Sata HAT for Rock 4
Penta SATA HAT for Rock 4
RA006TE Penta Sata HAT for Raspberry Pi5
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Product information

Build your NAS based on Radxa´s Rock Boards with up to 5 HDD/SSD and up to 100TB capacity

The Penta SATA HAT utilizes the M.2/PCIe interface on RADXA´s ROCK Boards* to provide up to 5 SATA ports. This HAT works only with Rock Pi 4 mounted on the heat sink.

The concept of 4 internal SATA and one eSATAp design was chosen because it makes the setup more flexible for the use of external disks.


  • Up to 5x HDD/SSD, 2.5inch and 3.5inch storage is supported, max storage 100TB
  • 4x SATA
  • 1x eSATA with power
  • utilizes two lanes of the PCIe 2.1 bus on Rock Pi 4
  • DC power input with support for both 2.5inch drives and ROCK Pi 4
  • External standard ATX power supply support for 3.5inch HDD
  • HDD suspend mode support
  • Software RAID 0/1/5 support
  • Optional PWM control fan for HDD heat management
  • Optional OLED display for IP / Store information
  • PLEASE NOTE: You need to order the heat-sink with Rock 4, otherwise the Penta HAT can not be mounted on top. For use with Rock 3A please purchase the base plate for proper installation.


To fully take advantage of the 5th SATA port, an eSATA connector was implemented which can be exported e.g. out of the case. The eSATA connector provides both data and power. It can directly drive a 3.5inch HDD via a single cable.


The Penta SATA HAT is powered by the JMB585 with 2 lanes 5Gbs PCIe buses with up to 10Gbps bandwidth. With 5 SSD's configured in Raid0 mode, speed of up to 803MB/s can be achieved.


Product Content

Penta SATA HAT board

M.2 interface board with high speed Ribbon connector cable

Penta SATA HAT works with the following boards:

Rock 4 Model A/A+, B/B+

Rock 3 Model A

Rock5 Model A - please contact us!

Raspberry Pi 5 - please choose the corresponding kit

optional: SATA HAT Top Board