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QuinLED Dig-Octa Brainboard 32-8L

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Product information

The QuinLED-Dig-Octa Brainboard-32-8L is controlled by the Espressif ESP32 WROOM module and is the core of the Dig-Octa controller system.

This module provides a good amount of power to drive LEDs while as well allowing a variety of options to generate the LED data either locally or remote.

 Product Specifications:

  • Based around Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32UE (ext. antenna only)
  • Built-in WiFi + Ethernet
  • SDcard reader
  • I2C (with onboard SHT30 I2C temp and humidity sensor)
  • 3x simultaneous power-in connections
  • Dedicated relay output terminals
  • 2x input button/switch terminals
  • Boot/Reset buttons available
  • 5x M2.5 board mounting holes
  • uFL pigtail and antenna stick included

LED Features:

  • 8x level-shifted LED data output channels
  • Level-shifted using 2x 4 port level-shifters to 5.12v
  • all terminals are pluggable to simplify management when stacked
  • Per channel resistor DIP switches
  • Defaults to 249Ω but can be switches per port to 33Ω for better compatibility with 3-wire cable setups
  • “Hardware driven” using ESP32 RMT device channels

Special features:

  • Compatible with QPowerPost (power distribution without wires)
  • Custom DC-DC circuit allowing 5v-24v in while always providing 5.12v out
  • 3x 800mA 3.3v LDO onboard for extra stability
  • LAN enable jumper
  • MOSFET based relay circuit


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