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QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ is packed with features to get the most out of your controllers

QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ is packed with features to get the most out of your controllers

QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ is a special version of the QuinLED-ESP32 module which adds a lot of extra functionality in the form of a “top hat” to the base ESP32 module.

Features at a glance:

  • Touch sensor on the top side
  • 38kHZ Infrared receiver
  • Digital Microphone (ICS-43434)
  • Micro-SDcard slot
  • 3x LED channel
  • incl. external antenna



Touch, the Micro-SDcard reader and the 3x LED data channel outputs

Ideal to use for extra LED channels and with ESPixelstick v4 you can use the Micro-SDcard reader to store .fseq files


Touch, IR receiver and the Digital Microphone

add sound reactive or remote control to a Dig-Uno or Dig-Quad!


Touch, IR, Microphone, Micro-SDcard, 3x LED channel

For more details please check out the in depth product description here.

Please refer to this pinout guide about the pins used to address the features of the board.

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