Rock Pi S Cluster Rack

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Product information

To make use of more than one Rock Pi S on reasonable space, this cool cluster rack was designed.

A special bigger and heavier base plate makes sure that the array stands well when all Rock Pi S are connected with LAN and USB-C cables.

S-Cluster is easy to build and disassemble in case of board failure

Built for 8 Rock Pi S

Easy to expand with additional upgrade kits (available soon)


  • LAN cables with various length's (available soon)
  • USB-C cables (90°) please check our store here
  • USB power supplies with sufficient power for all Rock PI S (available soon)
  • LAN Switch for 8 gigabit ports plus uplink (available soon)

Product contains Acrylic sheets, Copper bolts and screws for assembly of the cluster rack.

Please choose the Rock Pi S of your choice to populate the array!