ATTEN Solder smoke absorber with integrated LED

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SKU: ACG030708

Product information

To protect your health and keep the environment clean it is recommended to use a smoke absorber when soldering.

The patented ATTEN smoke absorber stands out with his high absorption capacity, an integrated LED light and low operation noise. It can be used upright and horizontal. The air flow significantly increases when operated horizontally which is useful during heavy smoke emission. 

Technical Specs

Portable desktop type

Integrated LED lamp

Replaceable activated carbon sponge

Air volume (upright): 1.03m³/min        Air volume (horizontal): 0.4m³/min

Air flow (upright): 1.0m³/min               Air flow (horizontal): 2.6m³/min

Noise: 70-71.5dBA

Power: 220-240VAC (16W)

Dimensions: 106.6 x 161.8 x 217.2mm