Back in the office again! Pre-Order Reward!

By Celina Xu 17 comments

Today was our first day back in the office after the Chinese New Year break!

There is a big backlog of work which we will have to manage.

The impact on our operation because of the outbreak of the Corona virus is substantial, both personal and over all.

Nevertheless, we work hard to get your overdue shipments out asap. DHL services have today unfortunately been delayed to next week, which came as a big surprise to us. Also some "special lines" e.g. economy express remain not available for the time being. This is caused by the fact that many airlines stopped their flights into China which seriously reduces also the capacities for air cargo.

We hope for your understanding that shipments at the moment might not arrive according to the usual time schedules.

New Shop design

You probably recognized, that we did not slow down during the holidays. We did release our new shop to you and hope you like it. There is still some more work to be done before we can reach real customer convenience, but it is a big improvement to before.

To all our customers who placed pre-orders for QUAD SATA KIT in our store. 

The situation compared to the end of January has substantially changed. All  manufacturing plans have been postponed. Many of the suppliers could not resume work or really lack of personnel.

Many people could not return to Shenzhen yet for various reasons. Travelling is not very convenient now, because of the precautions against the spread of the virus taken. Please understand that we do our utmost to ship asap, but our supply chain is deeply affected.

We did get some updates concerning the delivery dates today. Since most factories will not start before the 20th of February it will take probably up to the end of March to be able to fully deliver the pre-ordered products.

This is of course the worse case but we don´t want to create false expectations.

To reward you for your patience and trust we will add a special pre-order bonus.

This offer includes a 45W PD power supply and a 1m USB-C cable to power your Quad SATA KIT. This offer will end on the 29th of February.

The shipments will be released based on the order intake


PS: For product updates please use the mail registration on the right bottom corner. We will keep you posted via this mail channel and our blog of course.


Your - ALLNET CHINA team -


  • David Malkowski

    Hi there! Are there any updates for shipping? I placed my order on Feb 12th. I understand there’s still travel bans and quarantines in place, but I’m curious if anything has changed; there hasn’t been an update in 2 weeks. Thank you!

  • Norbert

    Hello Hafid,
    the Quad Sata Hat does unfortunately not work with ROCK64 4G.

    The dimensions are different and the USB3 positions do not match the HAT.

  • hafid


    I want to buy a QUAD SATA KIT. I have a ROCK64 4Go board.
    is the Quad SATA HAT support this board ?


  • Norbert

    Hello Cedric,
    @1 the capacity is limited by the “mechanics” of the HAT inside of the case. 2.5"HDD´s are mostly available with 7, 9.5 and 15mm thickness.

    The maximum thickness which can be mounted is 9.5mm. If you mount the HAT into your self built solution, these limitations do not exist. (you could e.g. work with SATA cables to even connect to 3.5" HDD´s) The limitations only refer to the Quad Sata NAS kit.

    @2 we frequently ship to Vietnam. For the shipment cost, please go through the checkout process. Before the payment you can choose which shipment option you prefer and it will show you the related cost. We can not give any general shipment cost information, because it is related to destination and shipment option.

  • Norbert

    Hello Dragos,
    thanks for your input. We will consider that for future versions of the HATs.
    The solution for the existing batch is to work with a 90° USB-C adapter, which then directs the cable to the “backside” of the case. (Quad Sata Kit is powered by PD 12V)

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