RADXA Rock5B pretty much ready for mass production

By Norbert Back 2 comments

As some of you might have seen, the pre-order discount voucher program has been stopped.

This means -> there is good news to be shared!

We are happy to announce, that RADXA´s ROCK5B is ready for mass production.

It does not mean that the boards can be shipped immediately, but that the production and purchase process for the raw material is getting started.

It also means, that we start to prepare the roll out plans for your pre-ordered boards.

As stated in our program instructions - we will ship the boards based on the order date of the discount code. We will start with weekly shipments. You will receive your payment link with the discounted price of the board of your choice.

As we are progressing towards the first shipment date we will explain the whole process in detail again. We will also arrange additional hands behind the store front chat to answer your questions! (no bot!! :-)

Please stay tuned, as we step by step will also reveal Rock5B accessories.

They might not always be what you guys want or need. We really are looking forward to some feedback to better adjust to what you feel is important.

Wish you all a nice weekend!





  • Todd K

    I look forward to receiving my Rock5B board and all it’s accessories.
    Please Thank all that work so hard to bring me this experience.

  • 一位不愿意透漏姓名的张先生


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