UPDATE production, logistics and delivery time for SATA HAT products
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UPDATE production, logistics and delivery time for SATA HAT products

Overall Situation and Status

It has been some time since we updated you, we are sorry about that but things have been keeping us quite busy over here.

We so much share the common frustration about delays and especially the fact that we have limited influence over it. The outbreak of the corona virus has become a huge challenge to the complete supply chain on one hand and of course and most importantly the daily lives of us all.

To be able to cope with the outbreak, strict measures had to be taken which will have an impact long after this outbreak is contained and managed.

Overall improvements have been seen in the last few days. That is very good! The measures of course stay in place which is understandable since the changes have to be proven sustainable.

This week many factories resumed work, which is also very good. The overall problem though is the lack of labor to get the performance back to where it was before the outbreak. The limitations on travelling, especially from heavily hit regions, still keep much of the labor away from Shenzhen.

The measures also affect logistics which means raw material will arrive late.

Factories have to outsource services (e.g. surface treatment for our cases, or extrusion for some parts) which adds uncertainty to delivery times. Most of the surface treatment plants e.g. did not even resume work yet.

The results are overall increased (or not confirmed) delivery times.
After checking all available options (e.g. even changing suppliers) we decided to stick with the existing channel because it is in the best interest of all.

In short it means that we can still not give you detailed shipment information at the moment, because one or more of the above mentioned problems exist. We did split the batch though, to at least be able to release goods step by step.

We still try to manage the shipments until the end of March, but many unanswered questions in our supply chain remain.

From now on we will release an update every week.

Extended Promotion time

Because of the situation explained we will extend the promotion until further notice.

Logistics / Shipment

International shipments from our warehouse have also been affected. With many international flights to China cancelled until April and beyond the available air cargo space has substantial shortage. It also affects our ability to deliver economy express to some destinations.

This service delivers the cargo to the destination country and then hands it over to the local post for delivery. The only fallback solution we now have is to ship with China Post.
We expect some of the shipment options to resume this week, overall the situation is difficult. DHL, UPS are affected, but do process as usual.


This time we would like to share some details about the sata hat top board. SATA HAT TOP BOARDWe did get some questions out of the community and we like to share the answers.
The Sata Top Board is both a tool to manage the temperature inside the case and a status information panel at the same time. The added software managed switch can be used to take action and/or scroll data on the screen.
Once you mounted all parts please install the provided software running the following script curl -sL https://rock.sh/get-rockpi-sata | sudo -E bash - 

The following features will be activated:

    • The big mounted PWM controlled fan makes sure the air flow is stable and disks and of course HAT and Raspberry Pi 4 are kept on acceptable temperature levels. PWM means - the fan´s rotating speed and noise are related to the temperature inside of the case. This is done with a temperature sensor and software which manages the RPM of the fan. This feature provides good noise management because the fan is not permanently spinning with full speed.

    • The second monitoring device is the OLED display. It provides frequent update on the status of the NAS. Standard information provided is e.g. CPU load, RAM usage of RASPI4, Temperature, IP address and disk information. The displayed content can be managed with adjusting the related config file under /dev/rockpi-sata.conf

    • The third feature is the small switch which can be assigned to different functions  via the same config file we mentioned above. Once you finished the modification of the configuration file you can reboot the NAS or restart the service with this command: sudo systemctl restart rockpi-sata.service

    You can find the complete product specs and installation details here: 

    If you need some more details don't hesitate to contact us on sales_cn@allnet.de

    Thank you for your ongoing patience and trust!


    Jun 10, 2020

    Ordered on May 15th. Received June 9th in Germany.

    Jun 09, 2020
    Dave D.

    got my tracking and ship notice on 5/28/2020 and it arrived today 6/9/2020
    thanks much, got my RPI setup alredy and my 4 1TB hdds ready to go in.


    Jun 09, 2020
    Dave D

    @Phil – this is a business website, that stuff doesnt belong here. the people that run this site had nothing to do with what happened. they are suffering just like everyone else. dont attack people for something that their government did as they have no control over that. geez you sound like the people in the usa that are attacking the owners and employees of the Chinese restaurants over the same BS


    Jun 07, 2020

    I was in line for one of these but cancelled my order once I saw the deepening coronavirus crisis in China .

    Now that it is coming to light that the CCP has cratered the global economy with its mendacity and sophistry about the severity of the virus to the world and the WHO, the CCP need to be sent a message good and hard that they are a bad faith actor and the world will not tolerate these actions any longer.

    Colleagues have lost their jobs or been furloughed, their jobs uncertain at the end of furlough. Countries are being bankrupted to deal with this and we, our children and grandchildren will be paying for the CCP’s lies for years to come.

    I will not be submitting a new order and it amazes me that people that people are still wanting to buy from China. Buy from Taiwan, buy from Hong Kong buy from anywhere else but stuff Chinese made products.

    Jun 05, 2020

    @Joel – I am in the USA. Notification of shipment received on May 17 and received the kit on May 28. Delivery time seems to be the same as UK, from what Colin reported, 11 days.

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